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How to Effectively Communicate your Ideas to Software Developers

Posted by Justin Cross on Jul 27, 2020 2:45:43 PM

Software development outsourcing is an excellent option to access skills that you might not have available in-house. However, this resource is only effective if you are able to communicate clearly what it is you want the software to do.

Woolly, vague explanations will simply result in a piece of developed software that doesn’t reach your expectations. In situations like this, it can sometimes be difficult to tweak and alter the project and could result in a time-consuming and expensive rebuild.

So, how do you ensure your bespoke software is built to your specifications?

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4 Project Management Tips To Improve Employee Efficiency

Posted by Justin Cross on Dec 12, 2019 2:38:00 PM

Project management can sometimes get sidelined, or seen as too expensive and time-consuming to be worthwhile. In fact, the truth is the opposite: it's neglecting project management that is costly. Effective project management keeps everyone singing from the same hymn sheet, brings together employees and clients, and unites a team under a vision for success. It leads to a lean, focused team that encourages efficiency and direction from all employees. Let's have a look at some specific tips:

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