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Why Chatbots & Messaging Services Are Taking Over From Old-School Telephone Enquiries

January 3rd, 2019 / Justin Cross / 0 comments

Who does business on the phone nowadays? Well, the truth of the matter is that plenty of us still pick up the phone to speak to people. However, this does not mean that things are not changing. Younger people, in particular, are less and less likely to make enquiries over the phone. If you want to sell your goods and services in the future, then you are going to have to look at the communications […]


Designing & Building Custom Web Applications to Suit Your Needs

November 7th, 2018 / Justin Cross / 0 comments

If you need a web application that caters to your business needs you should work with an experienced company that will offer you professional advice and bespoke solutions. As you set goals for your business, investing in custom web applications will help you achieve them in a shorter time frame and with a better long term ROI.


How Chatbots Can Automate & Improve Your Sales Process To Help You Gain More Customers

October 31st, 2018 / Justin Cross / 0 comments

Using a chatbot on your company's website can really help you get more customers – all without having to employ any additional sales staff. If you are wondering whether it might finally be time to get a chatbot for your site, read on.


6 Features Every Workflow Management Software Should Have

September 26th, 2018 / Justin Cross / 0 comments

There is a simple reason why workflow management systems are increasingly popular: they produce noticeable results. Companies that rely on specialised software to organise and keep track of work activities and processes typically achieve productivity improvements across the board.


10 Online Collaboration and File Sharing Application Development Ideas

June 15th, 2018 / Justin Cross / 0 comments

If your business is like most these days, it is spread out over different locations and functions: you might have sales people on the road, creatives in an auxiliary office space, individuals working from home, and others spread out across client offices. At the same time, you have probably heard a lot about collaboration and how important it is to get all parts of your business communicating […]


Cloud Migration – Recreating Desktop and In-House Software in The Cloud

May 23rd, 2018 / Justin Cross / 0 comments

Cloud computing is when data or software is stored on and accessed from a server off-site, not owned by the organization using it. It is one of the fastest growing areas of the tech sector. Especially popular is the migration of in-house applications and software to the cloud. A good example of this on a small scale is the use of Office 365 and OneDrive from Microsoft. Google Docs offers a […]


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